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25 Responses to Menu

  1. Matt says:

    Do you serve breakfast? Blueberry pancakes??

  2. Summer says:

    We visited Cantaberry’s while on vacation to the Ocoee river. It is by far one of the best places to get simple healthy foods my family and I love! We had the cream based soups that were to die for! I’m trying to find recipes to make the creamy chicken soup and hopefully find a similar taste to what you guys serve. We loved it! Thank you for a great experience.

  3. says:

    Hi, Do you have gluten free options for those allergic to gluten?

  4. gregory cox says:

    do you cater lunches in you area

  5. Barbara says:

    Is your chicken salad gluten free?

  6. Vicki says:

    Do you sell whole cakes & if so, what kinds?

  7. Judith says:

    Do you serve rubens?

  8. Anna Swartz says:

    Do you cater lunches in the area??

  9. Pam Garrett says:

    My husband and I order the chicken salad on a regular basis. Delicious!!

  10. I recently had the veggie wrap, minus the cheese and tangy tomato sauce. It was SO GOOD, filling, and refreshing.

    I am wondering if there are any other menu items that I could easily make completely plant-based/vegan when I order?

    Thanks for your wonderful customer service!

  11. Is there a menu item that has Brie Cheese?

  12. Carolyn Roggen says:

    We had the best creamy chicken and rice soup ever! Is there any way to get your recipe? I have looked on line and there are a lot of versions so I am confused as to which one best duplicates yours. thanks!

    • Hi Carolyn,
      We published this recipe a couple of years back in the Atlanta Journal. If you try to search for it and can’t find it let me know I’ll try to drum up a copy for you. So glad you love the soup. You

  13. Suzanne Judas says:

    Do you make lemon squares or other small individual deserts?

  14. Don Frankforther says:

    Heard you serve prime rib on the weekends. Is that true and do you need reservations for that?

    We serve prime rib on Friday nights. 5-9. Reservation are not usually necessary but you are welcome to call a make one.
    Thank you.

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